Top 10 Stupid Game Shows Will Make You Think WTF While You LOL

10979 People Viewed - about 35 months ago

There isn't much television content that can excite TV executives like a popular game show.

However, most game shows are pretty stupid. That's why we've rounded up the stupidest same shows we could find, so you can take in all that fun all at once.

10. My Dad is Better Than Your Dad

Rather than base the show around a comparative evaluation of parenting skills, the show served up challenges like dodging airborne newspapers and swinging your kid onto an oversized dartboard. Unsurprisingly, it was cancelled after one season.

9. Supermarket Sweep

Ugly sweater-ed host David Ruprecht presided over a madcap dash through supermarket aisles to wrack up some major grocery receipts on a game show that was stylized with cheesy graphics and big-haired contestants.

8. Strip The Girl

The aim of the game is to remove the numbered blocks that cover up a girl in the shower. And some stupid guys struggle to see some boob.

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