Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters Who Wield the Power of Fire

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In anime, there are a lot of powerful characters who wield the power of fire.

Who is your favorite anime character that has fire abilities? Check out these top 10 fire power users in anime.

10. Shana from Shakugan no Shana

Shana is a young girl who is a Flame Haze, a former human being whose made a contract with a Crimson Lord in order to gain powers.

Gaining these powers leads her to be one of the most powerful characters in this anime series as she strikes fear in those who challenge her.

9. Hao Asakura from Shaman King

Hao is the main antagonist and one of the most powerful shaman in the series and is theShaman King.

Hao has in fact died and been reincarnated twice in the series while being able to retain the knowledge of his past life in his new life.

Having the knowledge of both lives combined, he can control various elements at will while using the Spirit of Fire the most.

Capable of amplifying his fire attributes, he uses them mostly for combat and has a special attack called, Ring of Fire that is super powerful and destructive.

8. Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist

Known as the Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang has several roles in the Fullmetal Alchemist series.

A Colonel in the Amestrian Military, he has proven himself to be very capable of being the next Fuher of Amestris, as well as, marking his position as an elite user of alchemy and a hero of war.

He is a fire-based user of alchemy and has a unique style of combat that is perfected with the design of a custom made glove.

This glove creates a spark when he rubs his fingers together, usually snapping his fingers, and has an embroidered alchemy symbol on them that allows him to manipulate the concentration of oxygen in the air to perform fire attacks in various ways.

With this ability, he can incinerate a huge number of enemies with explosions of fire or attack a specific area with pinpoint accuracy.

You would think that water would be a way to stop him, not really, he is still able to separate the oxygen within the water and use it to his advantage.

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