Top 10 Strongest Anime Character Who Wield the Power of Electricity

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Fire, Water and Electricity are the three basic superpowers we see in any anime.

And here's the list of top 10 strongest anime characters who wield the power of electricity.

10. Himejima Akeno – Highschool DxD

Don’t be fooled by this slim body of this beautiful girl, she is a sadist, a devil and have power of electricity.

Called as ultimate Queen by her other club members She is also pretty famous as the Priestess of lightning in the Underworld .

Being daughter of a high ranked Fallen Angle she have power of both a devil as well as of a Fallen Angel.

9. Adolf Reinhard – Terra Formers

At first look he may look a bit intimidating but in reality he is a very kind and caring person.

Adolf gained the powers and abilities of the Electric Eel which allowed him to use electricity and made his body more stronger .

8. Hei - Darker than black

Hei is a highly skilled assassin who can control the voltage of his electric attack allowing him to either stun or kill the target as per his requirement.

He can not only emit electricity but he can also manipulate electrons particles that can disturb matter.

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