Top 10 Strangest Looking Dog Breeds You’ve Never Heard Of

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There are around 340 different breeds of dogs in the world today so as you can imagine there will be some (like myself) that are blessed with great looks and there will be some that are not so fortunate! 

Now you’ve met Roo, the lovely puppy who thinks she’s a kangaroo, so it’s time to introduce you the Top 10 strangest looking dog breeds.

10.Bull Terrier

The egg-shaped head of this breed makes them a highly unusual looking pup, but most hockey fans will recognize this dog as Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry’s beloved companion, “Blue”. Cherry’s Bull Terrier made frequent appearances on Hockey Night in Canada, and was seen as part and parcel to her master’s eccentric personality.


Hailing from Germany, this dog was bred to hunt and kill rats. Yummy! 

8.Neapolitan Mastiff 

A full-sized Neapolitan Mastiff weighs upwards of 130 lbs, making him a loyal and efficient guard dog. Just be sure to stay on this droopy-faced dog’s good side, ok? 

7.Bergamasco Shepherd 

Woah! Somebody needs a trim. The Bergamasco’s matted fur looks very distinct (and kind of awesome, if we do say so), but he wasn’t born this way. As a puppy the Bergamasco has short and smooth hair, which later grows into long, knotted locks of fur. Get this guy to a barber, will ya? 

6.Russian Borzoi

Similar to a greyhound, the Russian Borzoi is extremely agile and capable of chasing small animals and prey. Due to this breed’s notorious stubborn streak though, he’s best left to an experienced and patient dog trainer. This guy marches to the beat of his own drum!

5.Chinese Crested 

This dog has always received the bad rap of being the ugliest dog breed. This is because the dog is hairless everywhere but on the top of its head, its paws and its tail. This presents a very unique appearance. Even though most of its fur is exposed it is actually very sensitive and sunscreen needs to be used if this dog is going to be spending too much time outside. They also need to be bathed and moisturized regularly in order to prevent dry skin and infections. 


This dog has a name that is even stranger than its appearance. The name is pronounced Sho-lo-eets-quint-lee but if that becomes too challenging this dog is also known as the Mexican hairless.

These dogs have had a long and unique history in Mexico and they were even considered sacred by the Aztecs. The ancient Aztecs believe that these dogs were needed to help guide the souls of their masters into the underworld. What makes this dog stand out is not only the fact that it is hairless but also because it has a long neck, bat ears, almond eyes and a sleek body. 


Averaging over 30-inches tall, the Hungarian Komondor is one big puppy. What really makes this goofy guy larger than life is his fur: at up to 27 cm in length, the Komondor has the thickest fur in the canine world. That’s one shaggy dog! 

2.Bedlington Terrier

Is that a dog, or a sheep? Hailing from Bedlington, England, this lamb-like dog’s interesting coat is said to make him perfect for allergy-prone pet owners.


Eh mon! This Puli kicks it Jamaican style, but despite the Rastafarian dreadlocks he actually hails from Hungary. His primary role is herding livestock, and his curiously thick fur not only looks really neat, but is virtually water resistant.

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