Top 10 Strangest Bars That You'd Like to Have Drink There

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Have you ever walked into a bar and wondered how its owner ever came up with the strange theme that stands before your eyes?

With the amount of bars that are taking over cities, owners are finding creative and strange new ways to draw visitors in.

Here are 10 of the strangest bars around the world that you'll want to have a drink there.

10. Icebar by Icehotel, Sweden

 Icebar by Icehotel, Sweden

The concepts of icebars have exploded over the past few years but the original icebar is located in the tiny town of Jukkasjarvi in Sweden.

Here patrons come together and wear thermal caps, down-filled coats and warm mitts as they drink in the sub zero temperature.

Ice sculptures, a snow made dance floor and furniture constructed solely of ice, complete with a DJ and delicious cocktails makes this one awesome place to chill out for the night.

9. Rumours/Miniscule of Sound- Travelling Nightclubs

 Rumours/Miniscule of Sound- Travelling Nightclubs

The world’s two smallest bars deserve a special mention in the world of weird and strange.

It is unclear which one now holds the title of ‘smallest bar in the world’ but one thing is for sure; you won’t be partying with very many people inside these boxes.

They are full of flashy decor, plush red velvet, a picky bouncer and hot DJ’s.

8. H.R Giger Skeleton Bar, Switzerland


If you don’t know who H.R Giger is, you are probably at least familiar with his best known creation; the Alien movie franchise.

Therefore it is no surprise that stepping foot into this bar feels exactly like watching those movies; creepy, dark and eerie.

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