Top 10 "Star Wars" Things to Get Excited For in 2015

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Darth Vader goes sweet? Yes, Crummy Gummy has created a life-size Darth Vader helmet, using more than 1,000 gummy bears. And it’s not the sweetest things that will happen to “Star Wars” fans in 2015.

2015 promises to be one of the best Star Wars years ever. Just take a look at the Top 10 “Star Wars” things to get excited for in 2015.

10. Heir to the Jedi

Kevin Hearne’s first Star Wars novel, out in February, focuses on Luke Skywalker, clearly THE character of the Star Wars year.

But three decades later where will Luke be when we meet him in December and The Force Awakens? 

9. Star Wars Weekends

The annual Star Wars event at Disneyland and Disney World, this time running from May 15 to June 14 and featuring a plethora of star guests, exclusive attractions and merchandise and much more. 

8. Standalone film news

Episode VII isn’t the only film in town. Not only are we getting the 7th saga episode but the filming of the first standalone starts at Pinewood this spring. 

But what will Gareth Edwards film be about? Han Solo? Boba Fett? Yoda? All or none of the above? 

We should find out soon enough… 

7. Prequel trilogy in 3D 

It was announced that Episodes 1, 2 and 3 would be finally shown in 3D in April at Celebration Anaheim, with Revenge of the Sith being shown for the first time. 

And for original trilogy fans, the three classics will be shown in 2D at the event. 

6. Revenge of the Sith 10th anniversary

Sure, there are plenty of folks on the prequel hating bandwagon when it was released in May 2005, but love it or not there’s no denying that Revenge of the Sith was a fitting finale not only to the prequels but to George Lucas’ time in the Star Wars directors chair.

As one era ends, another begins. 

5. The Force Awakens trailer


We’re all anxious for the film to arrive but before then we’ll be seeing at least one trailer, most likely around the time that Disney’s OTHER big gun for the year, Avengers Age of Ultron, lands.

And expect to see more footage at Celebration Anaheim, D23, San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con too… 

4. Star Wars returns to Marvel Comics

After Almost 30 years Star Wars is back with Marvel this January, kicking off with Star Wars #1 Volume 2 and a huge anticipated sales figure of over 1 million copies. 

Although, with 90 variant covers it will be tough to get them all… 

3. Star Wars: Rebels Season 2


The second season of the hit Disney XD series, premièring in April at Celebration Anaheim and if rumours are to be believed linking closely with The Force Awakens.

2. Celebration Anaheim


The 7th North American Celebration event – the 10th in total if you include the two held in Europe in ’07 and ’12 and Japan in ’08 – which will premier the second season of Star Wars Rebels as well as show the prequel trilogy in 3D.

And get ready for some MAJOR guests to be in attendance… 

1. The Force Awakens 

It had to be top didn’t it? The seventh episode in the Star Wars saga comes to this galaxy on December 18 and brings with it anticipation, excitement, new adventures and characters and the first major Lucasfilm movie project under the Disney banner. 

Let’s hope J.J. brings his ‘A’ game to the cantina…

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