Top 10 Short Anime With Badass Main Character And Most Powerful

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Devil May Cry follow the story of Dante who is half demon and half human.

He runs a business with name Devil May Cry, where he take the assignment to kill the demons.

At the starting of the anime, he saved a small girl and now she live with him.

He is very powerful and has a laid back attitude.

He is mostly declined the work and has lots of borrowed money.

Through out the story he goes on killing the demon with his gun and his mighty sword.

This anime is great and if you are a fan of the game then it might appropriate for you.


The story revolves around Akito Sai who wants to become the high priest which are countries highest magical council.

To become that, he must not do any wrong thing throughout his life. So, to complete his dream he took admission in Constant Magical Academy.

At the academy, he goes through a future prediction test where it was declared that he will become the next Demon King.

According to the anime, there was a person who was known as the Demon King. He could control all the demons and such other beasts and has enormous power.

He tried to completely destroyed the humanity and Akito Sai was declared to be the successor of him.

So, from the beginning he shows super strength and magical power. In the end of the story he did become the Demon King but something else happened.



Many Years ago, prior to the story there was a girl Yuri Egin.She was an exorcist but she gave birth to the child of Satan.The boy name was Rin Okumura.

He never came to know that he is demon, until he was 16.After that some serious events take place and the one who was his care taker was killed by Satan.

He then went on to become an Exorcist. He goes through training and some other stuff.

He kept a sword with himself. This sword was used to seal his power.

So, when ever he put the sword out, his power returned and made him a demon.

In the beginning it was shown as a novice in Exorcist and an idiot as well.

But, still he is the son of Satan and that makes him the Ultimate demon and most powerful as well.


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