Top 10 Short Anime With Badass Main Character And Most Powerful

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This short anime consist of 3 series and all of them are awesome.

This story revolves around Hei who is a contractor. Contractor are those people who got special power but they have to pay a price to use them.

The price of those powers can be simple such as smoking a cigarette or can be much more painful such as cutting your self.

Hei is a complete badass character in this anime. He never smile and he didn’t talk much but he always wins in a fight.

He has the power to manipulate electricity and he goes by the name “Black Reaper”.

He is constantly killing people throughout the series.

There was a time when he didn’t have these powers and he still killed many contractors that time.


we like this anime because of the character in this anime. Light Yagami is completely ruthless.

He doesn’t think for a moment before killing anyone and that thing makes him awesome.

Other than that, he got a brilliant mind and he is too clever.

He managed to kill the best detective in the world and fooled almost all the top police agents of his city, including his father.

He knows how to use people and he also know how to kill them.

Death Note is a complete package. Go on and watch it, we are  pretty sure you are going to love it.


Code Breaker actually is a misnomer. There are six people in the Code Breaker and every one has a special power.

They are ranked from one to six according to their power levels.

The number six is Rei Ogami and he is the main character in this story.

He is completely ruthless and very powerful. He can kill anyone and doesn’t care about the consequences.

He even killed his superiors because they called him a dog. He is number doesn’t mean that he is the weakest in Code Breaker.

Actually it does mean that, but it is because he hides most of his powers. Not much of this is revealed in the anime that why he hides his power.

He say that, he made a promise to a friend to hide more than half of his power.


That time he was just an innocent kid and he hardly managed to get back to his feet.

After that, he fell in love with a girl and due to some circumstances that girl died.

In this anime, it is shown that every element (Wind, Fire, Earth etc.) has a lord or God.

Now each lord choose a special person to become his contractor and have the power to control the element.

That doesn’t mean that, those who are not contractors cannot control the elements.

But, the contractor will be the most powerful of them all and since there are four element, hence there can only be four contractors who will be the strongest.

When the girl, which Kazuma loved died, he became the contractor of the Wind. That means instead of fire, he got the power of the wind.

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