Top 10 Short Anime With Badass Main Character And Most Powerful

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Now there are many short anime, but we are pointing here those which we liked to watch again and again.

These anime will have a strong and the most powerful male lead character list.


In this anime, the story revolves around Lelouch which is the main character in this anime. Many years ago his mother was killed and he was exiled from the kingdom.

That time he took an oath that one he will destroy Britania. we are pretty sure you are wondering that what is we are talking about.

Well, you will know when you will watch this anime one time.

The best thing about Lelouch is his mind and his personality.

He is very bad-ass and he has a power of the Geass, which let him control the minds of other people.

He used his brain and his skill to defeat many of his enemies.

One other thing is, he does not think for one second before killing the other person.

All the series even in the end went exactly as he planned.



This is a great anime which has two main character.

They are Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric and they are together known as Elric Brothers. In this anime, there is a greater concept of Alchemy is shown.

According to this anime series, you can create anything from alchemy but for that, you also have to destroy the same amount of thing.

Using the same principle, the Elric brothers tried to bring their mother back to life.

But they forgot the most important thing a human body needs, i.e. soul.

So something terrible happened in that incident. Edward lost his one hand and one leg and Alphonse lost his whole body.

So, they went on a quest to get their body back to its original.


The story revolves around the Vampire Alucard who is a family pet of the Hellsing Family. Hellsing family is an organisation.

Alucard is a complete Monster and he can’t be killed by any means.

He will come back to life no matter what happened to him.

He is completely indestructible.

In the beginning of the story, he turned a police girl to vampire and she assisted him on every job.

He is very loyal to Sir Integra and will never disobey.

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