Top 10 Sexy Celebrities Who Are Much Older Than You Think

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Age truly is nothing but a number, but when you don't look your age, that number can be really shocking. 

These 10 celebs seem to have figured out how to cheat time with their stunning looks.

10. Sarah Hyland, age 24

Sarah’s wide eyes, baby face, and clear complexion give her a youthful look. 

Although she always speaks maturely during interviews, Sarah still looks like a teenager. It’s hard to believe the actress is 24.

9. Jennifer Aniston, age 45

Yes, Jennifer Aniston is 45 years old now. But she doesn't just look good for her age, she looks good period. Wanna stay ravishing and youthful well into your forties? 

8. Pharrell, age 41

This chart-topping crooner may be 40, but he was easily one of the hottest guys at the Grammy's…despite that unfortunate hat choice. Swoon.

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