Top 10 Sexiest Star Wars Cosplayers That Will Brighten Your Day

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Whether or not you love Star Wars, you will agree that all of the ladies on the list are sexy.

Seriously though, these hot women make us want to re-create the Star Wars films and have them as the stars of the show. If there was ever a way to make geeks and nerds look hot, this would be it!

10. Adrianne Curry - Imperial Officer

Adrianne Curry was spotted at Comic Con in summer 2011, where she was dressed as an Imperial Officer from Star Wars.

9. Courtney Cruz - Stormtrooper

Besides putting her assets on full display, Courtney Cruz was the picture of perfect burlesque in a Stormtrooper corset and fun props.

8. Sara Underwood - Padme

When we saw Sara Underwood dressed as Padme, there was no turning back. Talk about giving this character some more exposure! Sara showed up in her cosplay and pulled out all the stops.

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