Top 10 Sexiest Models Who Had Breast Surgery

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Sound the damn alarm because topless Carl’s Jr. model Charlotte McKinney is single and looking for a boyfriend! Seriously, is there anyone would say “No” to this bombshell?

And here are another 10 hottest models you would not say “No” to, but here’s one thing you should know first: they all had breast surgery.

10.Elsa Pataky


On top of having had some plastic surgery on her nose, the gorgeous model admits to going yet again under the knife to increase the size of her size. The model had a pretty perfect prior to the surgical procedures, but they have been done well and the changes positively remarkable. 

9.Selita Ebanks 

Although Selita did not have major noticeable size added, you can still notice the change when comparing with previous photos. She had the newest type called Sientra that results in more naturally looking and feel breasts. 

8.Carmen Electra


The former playboy model first increased to size 32B then to a 36C that her boyfriend got to her as a birthdays present. Notably, her implants are pretty proportional to her body and she has never hid the fact that she packs implants. 

7.Heidi Montag


This hot sexy model had previously gotten some F-size breast size then downsized to a smaller C-cup. She prefers this size that fits more with her petite body, an on a recent photo-shoot she really does look happier with the new size. 

6.Victoria Beckham


I know she’s not a model. But the former spice girls turned model admitted to having breast augmentation. She increased from a size 34A to 34D after birthing his son. However just like Heidi Montag she also got rid of them claiming she wanted to be more natural. 

5.Jenna Renee


She is one of the hottest fitness models and she recently admitted to going under the knife to increase her size. Although she wasn’t completely flat before she looks much better now with all her muscles and all.  

Based on the before and after photos, it is possible to believe that her breast augmentation was a success. Her breasts look rounder and more beautiful than before, and she looks more beautiful and sexy.

4.Gisele Bundchen 

This sexy Victoria's Secret bikini model denies having had a boob job, but the difference in her bikini pictures is undisputed. One can clearly see a change in shape and size of the breast with a sizable cleavage that she previously did not have – new features that have made her look more beautiful than before. 

3.Adriana Lima

She is one of the hottest models for Victoria Secret, her killer bikini body has us mostly staring at it rather the things she is modelling.  

On a close examination of her photos, one can clearly see she is up a cup! It is not a surprise that this beautiful model went under the knife, considering her high-profile career.

2.Heidi Klum


This former flat chested runaway supermodel makes it to our top list of models who’ve had breast surgery. She increased to a size 36C which looks almost natural and also goes with her petite body.  

Heidi does not hide the fact that she has implants saying she needed to look more of a lady rather a little boy, ha-ha! 

1.Irina Shayk 

This Russian sexy model for Grace Models also had a breast augmentation procedure. Looking at her pre- and post-surgery photos it is clear that she moved up a good 2 cups higher.  

Now she has killer boobs to go with that bikini body of hers. Her breasts are enhanced to some big C cup giving the most ferocious and head-turning figure that have earned her recognition abroad and thus high-profile appearances in prominent magazines.


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