Top 10 Selfie Trends That Need To Die Right Now

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Great news, everybody: Duck Face is over. But Fish Gape is here as the newest selfie face.

That’s right. Selfie trends will come and go like the seasons, but there are a few awful types of selfies that are just plain cliche, and should be avoided at all costs. 

10. The “I’m Asleep” Selfie

If you’re asleep then WHO TOOK THE PICTURE?! Did someone sneak in, use your phone to take a picture of you sleeping, and then sneak back out? If so, you need to think about getting you locks changed.

9. The Gym Selfie

Taking a selfie to keep track of your progress is perfectly acceptable. Smart even. But what makes you think everyone needs to see your new workout tank top and strategically angled neon pink Nikes? Good for you for working out. But no one else gives a shit.

8.The #NoMakeup Selfie

Posting makeup selfies seems more productive because you’re actually sharing new techniques you’ve learned or a cool new lipstick shade. But your face without makeup literally looks the same every time. One is plenty.

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