Top 10 Ridiculous Body Trends Every Woman Should Ignore

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The Chinese net has their own equivalent of the “thigh gap” test called the “behind the back breast grab” challenge.

Yes, it’s ridiculous. Actually society is always telling us what women should look like, bombarding us with body trends that aren’t healthy and can lead to dire consequences. 

Here are 10 ridiculous body trends every woman should ignore!

10. Thighbrow

As the newest of the body trends, the thighbrow has made quite a splash among young women, but it’s not an indicator of actual health. 

In fact, this crease at the junction of the hip and thigh is anatomically unavoidable. Everyone has it, which is cool because it’s inclusive. 

Don’t waste your time trying to accentuate a thighbrow with a specific food or diet regimen. You’ll be better off just focusing on living an active lifestyle.


9. Finger Trap

Despite what you may have read on Chinese social media, your beauty is not determined by the presence of a gap between your outstretched index finger and lips when resting your hand on your chin. 

Your beauty comes from within and shines through when you feel happy and sure of yourself. 

Stop measuring your value according to the finger trap, and start doing the things that fill your life with joy.

8. Protruding Collarbones

The desire to have protruding collarbones has been around for decades because we associate it with being thin. 

While it’s true that having less fat means bones are more visible, the absence of visible collarbones doesn’t mean you’re overweight. 

Stop measuring your body’s worth by your skeleton, and devote more attention to your posture. Proper posture not only makes you appear slimmer, but it’s also better for your back and self-confidence.

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