Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy An Apple Watch

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Don’t let any of the presentation or hype mislead you, Apple Watch is designed to be as much of a statement accessory as it is a convenient tool for modern living. And here are 10 reasons why you very, very obviously shouldn’t buy one.

10. Incompatible with almost everything

This rules out anybody who prefers to use a different smartphone. Not just any iPhone either, you’ll only be able to have this matching wrist accessory if you’ve already got the iPhone 5S and above.

9. It doesn't even look nice

The first time anyone saw an iPhone or an iPad, the whole world knew immediately that Apple had invented something that would change our lives. How about the Apple Watch? Maybe not.

8. It can't do anything your phone can't

Apple Watch is pretty reliant on your iPhone. It uses your phone’s data and roaming facilities to allow it to answer calls, send small messages, and use apps.

7. There are very few apps for it

Without good apps there might not be many owners, and without many owners there might not be many good apps. There’s a bit of a chicken and the egg situation here for Apple.

6. The interface is a nightmare

The beauty of Apple previous products was that anybody could immediately start using them, but so far their watch effort looks like it’s going to need a set of instructions you can carry around if you want to get the most out of it.

5. Better alternatives out there

Unlike previous product launches, Apple finds itself entering a marketplace that’s already being dominated by its competitors. Android Wear has been a thing for a while and Samsung, Huawei, and LG have all released some nice versions in recent months.

4. First generation tech can't be perfect

Every device had these issues first time out, and it’s only through years of getting bashed around by consumers that they start to get smoothed out. Anyone who buys one now is merely spending money to do Apple’s testing for them.

3. The cost is insane

A lot has been made already of the price tag Apple have put on the product, but it bears repeating because it is absolutely extortionate.

2. Be a slave to another charger

If taking a phone charger with you is an accepted part of your life, would you still hope to carry another one?

1. You'll look like an idiot

There might be a future for wearable tech, but after the failure of Google Glass people will be quick to cotton on to how pointless an Apple Watch is and its owners will be premaritally slapped with the tag of having more money than sense.

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