Top 10 Reasons Anime Nerds Live a Happy Life

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Being a friend of anime nerds, you would probably find them live a happy life.

It seems like this is a group of people who get highly satisfied for dozen of reasons you don't understand. And here's the top 10.

10. They’re immersed in vivid colors regularly

Many anime shows have distinctive art styles that incorporate colors in beautiful and vibrant ways. Being exposed to all of these colors regularly can positively impact your mood, or maybe even help you pay attention to the vibrant colors around you in your daily life.

True, not all anime have bright, vibrant colors. Some anime are meant to be dark and depressing.

But regardless of what exactly the color scheme of a show is, you can count of the fact that it will suck you into whatever world of colors its artists chose to rely on.

9. They learn new things often

While there are Chinese and Korean anime-like shows, a typical anime is Japanese. Anime fans come from all corners of the globe, so for anyone not Japanese, anime can actually be rather educational.

You learn a little bit about Japanese culture regardless of what anime you are watching, and if you watch the subbed versions of anime (the version in Japanese with English subtitles), you can also learn phrases and single words in Japanese.

8. They exercise their imaginations

You kind of have to have an imagination to get into anime in the first place. Most shows feature really crazy concepts and alternate universes that you just can’t view realistically.

For example, some of the most popular anime right now includes Naruto Shippuden, which features a light-hearted ninja teen who uses the life energy from the giant fox demon living inside of him to become stronger.

Another very popular show is Attack on Titan, which features a group of people trying to survive the giant, naked cannibals that come into town and try to eat everyone. You know, stuff like that.

Anime nerds are used to jumping into highly fictionalized shows and use their imaginations much more regularly than your average person.

As a result, they’re generally much more creative and open minded than others.

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