Top 10 Really Weird Pants You Should NOT Wear Outside Your Home

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You’re lying if you say you haven’t accidentally let one rip at the worst possible time.

So it’s amazing that someone's created some fart-foiling clothing that'll leave everything smelling sweet in your wake.

However, there are more unusual pants out there. Some of them are unique, while others are weird, wacky and strangely mesmorizing.

Read on to see the Top 10 really weird pants and jeans.

10. The Tight...or is it Baggy Pant?

Can't decide between purchasing the ever-popular skinny jeans, or trendy low rising baggy pants? Purchase the baggy-tight pants. 

Want to show off the junk in your trunk, opt for a shorter shirt. Prefer to show off your inner gangster, opt instead for a baggy t-shirt and tuck the skinny pant leg into a sneaker. 

The baggy-tight jeans even come with built in suspenders and as an added bonus, the tight-fitting top ensures your pants stay up, even with the baggy style! 

9. The Pajama Jeans

Hate having to change out of your SpongeBob pajamas when all you want to do is eat at the hotel's breakfast buffet before heading back to your bunk? 

Consider the problem solved with the Pajama Jeans, a versatile pair of pants that can double as your bedroom wear. 

It looks like denim and feels like pajamas - how much more perfect can clothing get?

8. Chandelier Jeans

These jeans were new before they were ‘embellished'. 

Each leg has 408 glass chandelier prisms, total of 816. Each prism has a 10mm split ring attaching to one another. All put on one by one. 

Underneath the feathers are 24 metal triangle hangers screwed on to denim, this is how the chandelier chain is attached to the jeans.

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