Top 10 Really Weird Holidays You Probably Never Heard of

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Almost every single day of the calendar has something you’re supposed to be aware of. Like May 6th. Did you know it’s Condom Day in Japan? Well, at least that’s what they’re calling it in Japan.

And there are more festivals and holidays that are so weird and/or funny, that even though they don’t make any sense, it’s still a joy to experience them.

Want to know what the Top 10 funniest and weirdest holidays and festivals around the world are? Check these out:

10. Korean Alphabet Day(s) (October 9th & January 15th)

You may have loved singing the alphabet song when you were little, but you probably think it’s too much to have a holiday for the alphabet. Well, the South Koreans don’t think so. In fact, they think it’s only fair that the alphabet get TWO holidays in its honor.

They have the Hangul Day, which is held every 9th of October, and the Chosen gul Day, which is held every 15th of January.

9. No Pants Day (May 4th)

Started as a way for students to celebrate the end of term, No Pants Day has spread faster than the plague in a cheap hotel. It’s now celebrated across the globe, as well as being repackaged as the now-infamous Improv Everywhere stunt “No Pants Subway Ride.” 

Not bad for a day when you risk being a branded a sexual deviant if you bend over too far. Rock on, you crazy diamonds.

8. Antzar Eguna (Goose Day) 

Antzar Eguna or “Goose Day” can be traced back nearly 350 years and involves a group of young Spaniards trying to decapitate a dead goose hanging from a rope in the middle of the town’s harbor. 

Why? That’s been the question on a lot of people’s minds over the last few centuries. So far no satisfactory explanation has been provided.

7. National Yarn Bombing Day (June 11th)

Yarn bombing is 50% street art, 50% graffiti and 100% adorable. It’s impossible to look at a tree with tiny little yarn booties and not have your soul go “awwww,” without being hopelessly dead inside. 

Despite how cute it is though, yarn bombing is technically illegal and, as with most things illegal, it’s never a good idea to advertise when you’re going to be do it. Then take photos of said illegal acts and post them on Facebook. Then again, screw the law. Everything needs little yarn booties. EVERYTHING!

6. Peeing Day (Second Saturday of March)

New Jersey’s Pissing Day, which is the holiday’s other name, is actually held as a recollection of the Revolutionary War.

History (or was it rumors) has it that American Revolutionary soldiers peed all over the troops of British general Charles Mawhood after driving them out of the Princeton town. Today, every second Saturday of March, Princetonians choose to relive the glory and victory by reenacting the battle, including the post-battle pissing and all.

5. Bolas de Fuego (August 21st)

Just the sound of that would delight any self-professed pyromaniac, but throwing fuel-soaked flaming rags at other people, which is what happens during this holiday, is definitely a little on the strange side. 

In other places, other than the town of Nejapa in El Salvador, this act would land you behind bars. 

However, since this is an age-old tradition held every 21st of August that could be traced to as far as 1685, the authorities prefer to turn a blind eye.

4. Straw Bear Day (January 7th)

This English festival is held every January 7th after Plough Monday; another traditional festival to start the English agricultural year. 

During this time, a man or a boy is completely covered in straw and led to houses in the area to dance in exchange for food, beer or money. Though it was an ancient custom, it was revived in 1980.

3. Tinku “Punch Your Neighbor” Festival (May)

Having its origin in pre-Hispanic times whereby the earth Goddess Pachamama demanded blood to ensure a good harvest, the people from the Bolivian village of Tinku took this quite literally and decided to provide her with as much as she needed. The rest is pretty self explanatory.

2. Bermuda Day (May 24th)

Another weird holiday is the Bermuda Day held every 24th of May in the tropical island. This day marks the first day that locals accepted and declared Bermuda shorts as perfectly appropriate attire for business meetings. 

Weirdness aside, aren’t you green with envy? Who wouldn’t love to be dressed casually and comfortably in shorts while closing enormous business deals? Who said Casual Friday was so exciting?! Being able to wear Bermuda shorts every day of the week is loads better!

1. Kanamara Matsuri or Penis Festival (First Sunday of April )

Every time the first Sunday of April comes around, the locals of Komaki celebrate the greatness of the mighty penis. 

The genital is hailed as the ultimate symbol of fertility in this Japanese town, and during this festival, everywhere you look (or pretend not to look), you’ll see mammoth illustrations of a penis. 

There are penis-shaped decorations, penis-shaped candy, penis-shaped candles, and penis-shaped everything. If that cracks you up, wait until the penis-worshipping begins!

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