Top 10 Popular Energy Drinks in the World

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Coca-Cola, the world’s biggest soda maker,announced Thursday afternoon that it is making a cash payment of $2.15 billion in exchange for a 16.7 percent stake in energy-drink maker Monster Beverage Crop.

Energy-drink has become popular in recent years and its global sales keeps increasing for an average 12.6 percent per year. Feel interested ? Let's take a look at the top 10 popular energy drinks in the world.

10. MiO

MIO - Top 10 Popular Energy Drinks in the World

This energy drink is available in two flavours, that is, Black Cherry and Green Thunder. This has made a record by its sales record of $55 million in 2013.

9. Shark

Shark - Top 10 Popular Energy Drinks in the World

Shark is an energy drink that has moderate quantity of caffeine and is manufactured in Thailand since 1965. It enjoys popularity in South East Asia and good sales record there.

8. Guru

Guru - Top 10 Popular Energy Drinks in the World

Guru Energy drink is available all over the world but it originated in Canada. It has very less caffeine content and is mostly popular among kids and women. Its sales records cannot match that of Red Bull but nevertheless, enjoys a steady popularity. It claims to be “100% natural” drink with very less calorie content.

7. Full Throttle

Full Throtte - Top 10 Popular Energy Drinks in the World

Full Throttle too was launched by Coca-Cola Company in the year 2004 and the target audience were people between 20 and 30 years of age who were in motorsports. However, now it is owned by the National Hot Rod Association. This too has very high caffeine content and is advisable not to drink in large quantity.

6. Mother

Mother - Top 10 Popular Energy Drinks in the World

Mother Energy drink is marketed by Coca-Cola Company in New Zealand and Australia. This energy drink too has high sale records and shares an equal popularity with Red Bull. This comes in 500 ml cans that contain 160 mg of caffeine which is pretty high. There are certain different flavours that are available of this particular energy drink.

5. 5 Hour

5 hour - Top 10 Popular Energy Drinks in the World

The 5 Hour Energy drink has even higher content of caffeine than NOS Energy drink. It is a non-carbonated drink and uses Sucralose as a sweetening agent. These drinks are available in 2 oz bottles and are mostly consumed by athletes and sportsmen. It is advisable not to intake them in high quantity.

4. NOS

NOS - Top 10 Popular Energy Drinks in the World

This energy drink has huge contents of caffeine and is popular particularly among sportsmen and athletes. It has 160 mg of caffeine content in 16 oz can. There are several flavours available and even sugar free for people with high blood sugar level. NOS Energy drinks can be purchased online from many sites if it is not available in your country.

3. Rockstar

Rockstar - Top 10 Popular Energy Drinks in the World

The Rockstar energy drink was launched in the market in the year 2001. This drink was mostly popular in the West and by 2013; the company came up with twenty flavours of this drink and is now available in almost 30 different countries. It gives a tough competition to Red Bull and sponsors a lot of sports events too.

2. Monster

Monster - Top 10 Popular Energy Drinks in the World

Monster Beverage Corporation released this energy drink in April 2002. This is a United States based company and is recently popularized in India. The caffeine content of this drink is 10 mg/oz approximately. Monster Energy drink comes in two types – the one without sugar and the other sweetened. It is, however, not advisable for pregnant women to consume.

1. Red Bull

Red Bull - Top 10 Popular Energy Drinks in the World

This is probably the most popular and most consumed drink which is manufactured by the Austrian company GmbH. Red Bull is largely available in almost all parts of the world but is especially popular in the south Asian countries. Its sale record is greater than any other energy drinks at the moment. In 2012, it made a record by its sale of 5.2 billion cans.

Feel thirsty now ? Acknowledge their features, which one would you like to have a drink ?


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