Top 10 Players You Don't Like - Unless They Play for Your Team

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We've all have our least favourite footballer.

The player who gets your goat. Winds you up. Really drives you up the wall. Then he joins the team you support. Here are 10 players you don't like unless they play for your team.

10. Manuel Neuer

If he plays for your team: The world's best goalkeeper, redefining the role of everyone who plays in his position.

If he doesn't: Sickeningly arrogant. Hopefully going to make a huge error that costs his team at some point.

9. Ashley Young

If he plays for your team: Versatile winger/full-back who still delivers a great cross.

If he doesn't: Bird-poo-eating diver.

8. John Terry

If he plays for your team: Brave, courageous leader who wears his heart on his sleeve.

If he doesn't: Ref harasser who gets away with murder on the pitch.

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