Top 10 People Who Regret Asking for Photoshop Help

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Sometimes people use the internet to ask skilled Photoshop users to retouch, enhance and improve their photos. Sometimes you should be careful what you ask for.

10. Request: "No kids in our photo, please."

Sure thing! He even looks a bit like you now.

9. Request: "Make me eat something nobody in the world has ever eaten."

Yes, you get that.

8. Request: "Do something about the woman taking a dump behind me."

No problem! Was she beautiful now?

7. Request: "Can you make me look less bored?"

Tweet as a picture when you get there.

6. Request: "Make this tired pic more dramatic."


5. Request: "I want you to erase the woman on the right side."

You must be kidding!

4. Request: "I want to be a superhero!"

Invisible Woman...

3. Request: "Can you make my girlfriend look better?"

Here you go.

2. Request: "Please add more style to my phto."

Great elegance and style you've got there.

1. Request: "Make me look like a powerful guy."

How did it go?

They sure got what they asked for, do you think so?

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