Top 10 Normal People Behind Most Famous Internet Memes

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It's been almost eight years since Sammy Griner's face first graced your computer screens as the Success Kid meme. He was always there for you when you needed him, and now he needs our help.

Now we all know the Success Kid is an 8-year-old boy named Sammy Griner. But here’s another 10 memes that your probably pretty familiar with, I mean seriously they’re everywhere. 

Anyways, you’ve probably wondered at one time or another, “who are these people”, and “what do they actually look like without the standard background and text overlay”? Well look no further….

10.Successful Black Man

The meme first started on 4chan pulled from a Shutterstock image and continued to spread from there. Apparently he graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and now lives in Texas working for General Electric.  

9.Good Guy Greg

Good Guy Greg, as he’s known, got his start on 4chan and quickly became quite famous. He’s supposedly a commercial fisherman, but even that’s under dispute. 

8.First World Problems Girl

There are many variations of the meme “First World Problems” with different pictures being used as the main premise. But probably the most famous one of all is the one above. 

The real person behind the meme is actually the beautiful Silvia Bottini, a model and actress from Varese, Italy. She has been in a few productions, most notably “Romeo & Juliet” as well as “Alice in Wonderland”. She has also done a few commercials. 

7.Overally Attached Girlfriend

It started as a screen grab pulled from her YouTube video singing Justin Bieber’s song “Girlfriend”.

Her real name is Laina Walker and she currently makes funny YouTube videos. You can check out her channel here

6.Scumbag Steve

His real name is Blake Boston and the original photo was taken by his mom when he was 16.

Blake is now a father and is currently pursuing his music career. You can check out his YouTube channel here


The ‘Goosebumps’ girl’s real name is Maggie, and she loves to travel. That’s really all we know about her.

4.Bad Luck Brian

His real name is Kyle, and the original photo is from his 7th grade year book picture that his friend thought looked funny so he turned into a meme.

He now makes funny YouTube videos and also has his own Facebook page.

3.Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

He’s 25-year-old Zeddie Little, who happened to be running a 10K marathon in Charleston, South Carolina when a photographer snapped a picture of him.

From there it took off… he even did an interview with GMA. 

2.Sudden Clarity Clarence

The original photo was submitted to the Australia Associated Press who was covering the Schoolies festival in Australia.

On November 23rd, 2011, Redditor NorthernSkeptic submitted a post titled “Introducing Sudden Clarity Clarence” that included an image macro with the caption “Oh my God / dubstep sucks.

1.Skeptical Baby

The photo you see below was taken at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, North Carolina, by Jarod Knoten.

The original photo above shows the father Dave with his son Mason. The photo was then submitted to Reddit where it spread like wildfire.


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