Top 10 Nicknames of Music Fan Armies

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Although things have gotten much darker for Directioners, their love for the band has never changed. From Little Monsters to Barbz, Directioners to Beliebers, no respectable high profile pop act today goes without a catchy nickname for their adoring army of fans. Here are 10 popular fan base names you should know.

10. The Beyhive (Beyonce)

A perfect portmanteau/pun mashup that also doubles as a warning: if you mess with the Beyhive, you’re going to get stung.

9. Stans (Eminem)

No word better sums up extreme fan culture than “Stan,” thanks to the Eminem song of the same name.

8. RihannaNavy (Rihanna)

Rihanna's music video for "Cheers" ends with Rihanna on a boat shouting "Rihanna Navy!" She's also frequently referring to her "navy" on Twitter.

7. Swifties (Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift fans are "swifties," derived from her name.

6. Barbz/Barbies (Nicki Minaj)

Referring to Nicki Minaj’s former "Harajuki Barbie" alter ego, the "Super Bass" singer calls her fans Barbies, or Barbz for short.

5. Beliebers (Justin Bieber)

Just as fiercely loyal as Directioners, Justin Bieber’s snappily titled Beliebers worship the Canadian teenager’s every move.

4. KatyCats (Katy Perry)

Katy Perry fans coined the nickname when the pop goddess embarked on the Hello Katy Tour back in 2009 and it’s stuck to this day.

3. Directioners (One Direction)

Arguably the most loyal and frenzied pop fanbase on Planet Earth right now, a Directioner is someone who will stand by One Direction “no matter what.”

2. Hooligans (Bruno Mars)

Since his career began, Bruno Mars dubbed his backing band The Hooligans and named his debut album "Doo-Wops & Holigans" after them. Spreading the love, he extended the Hooligan name to his fans who wear the title like a badge of honour.

1. Little Monsters (Lady Gaga)

Lady Gaga herself is known as Mother Monster and her millions of fans are her Little Monsters. In tribute to her fervent faithful, Gaga has "Little Monsters" tattooed on her left arm.

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