Top 10 Naughtiest Movie Posters the Authorities Never Wanted You to See

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Movie posters are meant to tempt and tease.

Yet, every once in a while, images on posters and billboards overstep the mark, proving far too naughty for the sensitive souls of our society.

From vaginal teeth, oral sex simulation, erect nipples and banging bears, below are 10 movie posters that were deemed far too racy to remain.

Warning: The MPAA would have you believe all of this content is NSFW. If you’re at work, view at your own risk… 

10. The Rules of Attraction

The graphic nature of the children's toys was just too much for American audiences... although Canada and UK were fine with it!

9.The Zero Theorem

It might be hard to spot why this poster was deemed to be too rude. Yet, take a closer look and you'll see that at the center of the poster, you'll find actor Christoph Waltz's tiny butt.

Obviously too sexual to be allowed...

8. Thirst

For starters, this image is just really confusing (Where does she start? Where does he begin? Is she choking him? Are they having sex or is one of them about to die?)

But I think it was the fact that the man looked like a priest doing an awkward O-face that led to the MPAA censoring it.

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