Top 10 Muscular Anime Character Who Will Get You Pumped

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One thing in anime that makes everyone's lives so easy and that is the MUSCLES.

Whether you need some toning inspiration, or just want to enjoy some rippling muscles, these anime character will get you pumped.

Let's get started!

10.  ‘Pops’ Lehm Brick – Jormungand

Lehm is by far the oldest of this muscle lineup, but the silver fox still has it.

It’s true every member of Koko’s squad brandishes washboard abs, but you just can’t help but be impressed by this fifty-year-old’s conviction.

9.  ‘Mufasa’ Herman Lewis – Garo

Never has the phrase “Lion in bed” seemed more fitting. Herman’s lean, raw muscle gives him the look of a predatory cat, aided by his wild hairstyle and iconic chest fluff.

You could say Herman is the runt of the muscle litter, but what he lacks in bulk, he makes up in smooth talking. Beware this tavern crawler when he’s on the prowl.

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