Top 10 Most WTF Celebrity Photoshop Fails of All Time

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Fame is a weird game. In the age of Instagram everyone plays it to some degree. But no one played it like this Spanish actress, Anna Allen, who may or may not even be a real person.

Of course she’s not alone! And here are the Top 10 Most WTF celebrity fails of all time.

10.Kourtney Kardashian

The original photo, on the left, was taken seven days after giving birth, so of course she still sported a little baby weight. That didn’t stop OK! Magazine from slimming her down. 

9.Mariah Carey 

The cover art for Mariah Carey’s album is stunning and unsurprising – she’s beautiful. But when you take into account that the photo on the left is how she appeared less than a week after the photo shoot for it, you realize that you can’t judge an artist by the cover of their album. 

8.Demi Moore 

Photoshop is a useful tool for stunning visual effects and airbrushing out blemishes. For Demi Moore, it’s also a time machine as she appears as she did in her prime 30 years ago. 

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