Top 10 Most Viral Super Bowl Ads of All Time

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You might not remember the final score of the game, but you'll always remember the most memorable Super Bowl ads. After we have watched the new Bud Light ad, here are the 10 sexiest, most poignant, funniest, and most impactful Super Bowl ads of all time.

10. Carl's Jr., Paris Hilton, 2005

This isn’t the best, but as Miss Hilton would say, it’s the hottest.

9. Universal, "Fast and Furious 6," 2013

With 1.51 million social shares, the Super Bowl ad for "Fast and Furious 6" helped the film reach $788 million in worldwide total gross.

8. Snickers, "Playing Like Betty White," 2010

Great twist. One question: When will Abe Vigoda get a sitcom?

7. Ram Trucks, "Farmer," 2013

The late Paul Harvey's stirring ode to the hard but hopeful life of a farmer was ranked as one of the top commercials of the 2013 game.

6. Chrysler, "Imported from Detroit," 2011

This emotion-stirring commercial starring Eminem not only highlighted the beauty of Detroit, but celebrated a city that was one of the hardest hit by the recession.

5. Chevrolet, "Needing/Getting," 2012

Popular alt-rock band OK Go successfully tried their hand at stunt driving in this awesome Super Bowl spot, which has garnered 1.25 million social shares.

4. Pepsi, Cindy Crawford, 1991

This steamy ad that introduced the world to the new Pepsi cans and re-introduced them to supermodel Cindy Crawford is a classic on a number of levels.

3. Volkswagen, "The Force," 2009

We all eventually have to come to grips with the fact that we aren't Jedis. Except this kid. He doesn't.

2. Apple, "1984," 1984

It also ran one time only, 30 years ago, and yet the Ridley Scott-directed mini-epic remains one of the influential commercials of all time.

1. Coke, "Hey, Kid! Catch," 1979

We'll take some flak for not putting Apple's game-changer at number one, but this one just can't be beat for emotional impact.

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