Top 10 Most Viral Ads in The Past Year

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It's not the first time we see an ad that uses sexual innuendos. Meanwhile, there are still some great ads you'll probably recognize most of them. Check out the top 10 list below.

10. Prom - Audi

In this Super Bowl ad, a teen goes to his prom with an Audi, which makes all the difference.

9. Get Happy - Volkswagen

Volkswagen, known for its uber-popular 2011 Super Bowl ad "The Force," here takes a different approach. The use of a Jamaican-accented white guy offended some, though defenders pointed out that there are white Jamaicans too.

8. Farmer - Ram Trucks

Late radio broadcaster Paul Harvey's tribute to farmers is underscored by beautifully stark photography in this popular Super Bowl ad. 

7. Hump Day - Geico

The success of this ad was fueled in part by the fact that people like to share it on Wednesdays. 

6. Ship My Pants - Kmart

That double entendre is repeated a dozen times in this popular ad for Kmart's in-store shipping program. 

5. Girls Don't Poop - PooPourri

A woman affecting an upper-class British accent makes a pitch for the product, which masks the scent of feces. 

4. Test Drive - Pepsi

Pepsi MAX and Nascar's Jeff Gordon pretend to punk a car dealer. The action was actually staged.

3. Child of the 90s - Microsoft

Microsoft takes a self-effacing tack for its much-loathed Internet Explorer browser.

2. Real Beauty Sketches - Dove

Dove hires a police sketch artist to expose the yawning gap between women's self-conceptions vs. how they are viewed by others.

1. Baby & Me - Evian

Evian's ad of 2013 draws about 67.2 million views in YouTube, and it becomes the most-viewed ad in the past year.

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