Top 10 Most Unique Models Who Shattered The Fashion Industry's Definition of Beauty

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Over the past few years we've seen the modeling industry break down long standing barriers and change its view of what makes a model a model. 

We’ve seen plus models, female models who were not born female and woman with a rare genetic disorder also can be a top fashion model.

We are loving this new attitude within the industry and think it is a long time coming. 

So, if you think you've got a unique look you can take inspiration from the top 10 unique models that we've listed here. 

10. Ashley Graham

Curvy and gorgeous, Ashley Graham is one of the amazing plus models that are taking the industry by storm. 

But more important than her posing, arguably, is Graham's outspoken support for body diversity. 

Graham has been a voice of reason in the conversation. "I do not like being referred to as a plus-sized model," Graham told i-D. "I am a model, and I don't need my job title to explain the dimensions of my body."

9. Andrej Pejic

When you first look at Andrej you may ask yourself - what's so unique about her? Well, she's actually a he. 

Scouted while he was working at McDonald's when he was 17, Andrej has made a career for himself not only as a male model but as a female model as well! 

8. Rick Genest

Canadian born Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, spent much of his teen years backpacking through Canada and making extra money as a squeegie kid. 

At age 19, Rick Genest met Montreal tattoo artist Frank Lewis whose amazing tattoo artistry has turned Genest's body into living art. 

Discovered by Lady Gaga's fashion director Nicola Formichetti, Genest was featured in Lady Gaga's video "Born This Way", with Lady Gaga wearing makeup to replicate Genest's tattoos.

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