Top 10 Most Uncomfortable Moments on Game of Thrones

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3. Oberyn's Death

The Mountain proceeded to squeeze Oberyn's head like a watermelon until it quite literally burst all over the ground, blood and brain matter going everywhere. It might be the most gruesome single death on Game of Thrones to date.

2. Jaime and His Sister Cersei

Whether it’s consensual sex in an abandoned castle tower, arguing with each other over politics, or whether Jaime is raping Cersei in front of their dead son, everything about them is wrong.

1. The Red Wedding

Within seconds, the joyful celebration turned to massacre as knives were pulled out and plunged into the belly and heart of every Northern man and woman there. Horrified and uncomfortable.

We close our eyes, squint, and try to avert our gaze until the uncomfortable and awkward moments are over.

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