Top 10 Most Uncomfortable Moments on Game of Thrones

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7. The Removal of Theon's Favorite Toy

Theon Greyjoy loves the ladies. But after a failed attempt to take Winterfell, the young Prince of the Iron Islands found himself captured by the sadistic Ramsey Snow and Theon quickly became Ramsey's pet.

6. Viserys and Daenerys

At the start of the series, Dany is a scared little girl who wants nothing to do with Viserys's political ambitions, but, like a chess piece, she is moved around according to his will. 

Viewers can't help but feel sorry for the silver haired princess whenever she trembled in his presence or whenever Viserys would touch her in a non-brother like way. 

5. Joffery Torturing Sansa

Joffery takes pleasure in finding new and interesting ways of hurting Sansa. One day, he'll give her presents and tell her how lovely she is. And then in the next moment, he'll have one of his guards strip her and beat her.

4. Theon and His Sister Yara

Yara who offers to take Theon up to the castle on her horse. They flirt and at one point Theon gets fresh, putting his hand down her pants as they ride. 

And then the revelation: Yara is his sister. When you learn this news, you can't help but recall their ride up to the castle, Theon whispering sweet nothings in her ear. It's enough to make you retch. 

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