Top 10 Most Uncomfortable Moments on Game of Thrones

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Over the course of five seasons now, Game of Thrones has provided their audiences with war, sex, intrigue, and family moments. But sometimes, those moments make us cringe.

Sometimes the moments are too sexually explicit, sometimes too gory, and, very often, too horrible to sit through. There are times when we grit our teeth and wait for it to pass.

10. Daenerys Eats a Heart

Early in the first season, Daenerys Targaryen, Khaleesi to a powerful Dothraki clan, finds herself pregnant and must be presented to the crones of the Dothraki people. Tradition calls that she must consume the heart of a stallion.

This is a raw, bleeding, giant stallion heart. So it’s natural that audience members might have felt a bit squeamish as they watched the Khalessi bite and chew her way through a giant red organ.

9. Lysa and Robin

Lysa Arryn, Lady of the Vale, is a bit nuts. She presents herself as someone who is in constant mortal danger, she's obsessed with a man who is love with her sister, and she guards her child, Roibin.

A mother breastfeeding her child is an iconic image of tenderness and love, but in this case that classic image is subverted into one of uncomfortable shock when you see a six year greedily sucking on his mother's teat, both he and Lysa unabashed.

8. Loras Shaves Renly

Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon are a sweet couple. Their relationship is kept discreet because of social conventions about homosexual pairings. But, there is something odd in watching one man shave another man.

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