Top 10 Most Unbelievably Real-Life Barbies in the World

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It is easy to envy the life of a Barbie. The girl has everything, from the perfect body, hair and a fantastic dream house. Let us not forget that Ken has some admirers as well. 

People from all around the globe have taken on these deep obsessions with wanting to look like Barbie or Ken, including crazy Justin Jedlica. And here are another 9 real-life Barbie and Ken dolls who are as crazy as Justin Jedlica.

10. Blondie Bennett

 Blondie Bennett

Blondie Bennett has gained attention for being a 38-year-old woman who is transforming herself into a human Barbie doll on the inside and out.

According to International Business Times, the California resident has spent over $42,000 on five breast augmentations that have brought her up to a size 32JJ. Although Bennett has not had to fork over any of the money herself as she has been able to get online sugar daddies to pay her bills.

Bennett is going so far to the extreme to be like Barbie that she is using hypnotherapy in order to make herself brainless. She hopes for people to see her as a plastic sex doll.

9. Sarah Burge

 Sarah Burge

Sarah Burge is a British mom that has made a name for herself by claiming that she has spent more than $800,000 on plastic surgery in order to look more like the beloved Barbie doll.

However, it is her disgusting promotion of plastic surgery to her young daughters that have really made people say “ew.” Burge made headlines when she gave her seven-year-old daughter a liposuction voucher worth $11,000 for Christmas.

Burge claims that her daughter asks for surgery all the time and states that it’s an operation that her daughter will be able to use in order to look good.

8. Rodrigo Alves

 Rodrigo Alves

Brazilian-born, Rodrigo Alves is a man who has undergone twelve operations and eight other cosmetic procedures in order to look more like a Ken doll.

According to The Daily Mail, Alves has spent over $170,000 on procedures to fix his appearance. However, not all of his surgeries have been smooth sailing.

In January 2014, Alves encountered a highly dangerous situation when complications arose from a procedure to enhance his biceps, triceps and shoulders with silicone. The chemical began leeching into his system and he found himself back in the hospital and near death. This experience has not strayed Alves away from surgery as he is still contemplating another nose job

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