Top 10 Most Tattooed, Pierced and Surgically Modified People in the World

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Getting your first piercing or tattoo is a rite of passage for many, but few go as far as these people.

Some of the people don’t think they look good in human form and so prefer to modify their bodies to look like Animals of their choice. 

Others, prefer to pierce every patch of skin while others adorn theirs with tattoos. 

In short, the people below range from the bizarre to the ridiculous to unimaginable.

10. Tiger Lady 

The Tiger Lady is the stage name of the heavily modified female performance artist and tattoo artist Katzen, whose full body tattoo theme is that of a tiger. 

She received extensive tattooing on all parts of her body and wears tiger whiskers attached via piercings on her face. 

She was once married to "The Enigma". They got divorced and now she works at a tattoo shop in Austin, Texas. 

9. Paul Lawrence: The Enigma

You've probably heard about The Enigma. 

Paul Lawrence is the guy with blue puzzle pieces tattooed all over his body who has made a name for himself performing stunts such as sword swallowing, pushing a moving power drill up his nose and swallowing various liquids, pumping them out of his stomach and swallowing them again. 

The Enigma is also an accomplished musician. 

8. Maria Jose Cristerna: Vampire Lady

Vampire Lady has had all but two percent of her body tattooed. Along with this, she has several piercings as well as titanium implanted horns.  

The part giving her the nickname though is the four surgically implanted fangs she had put in her mouth.

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