Top 10 Most Scandalous Paparazzi Pictures That Shocked the World

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It’s a well known fact that Paparazzi photographers are one of lowest lifeforms on this planet. 

They catch people in the worst moments of their lives only to make personal gain out of it, while ruining careers, relationships and sometimes even people’s life. 

Here are 10 pictures of famous people in some of the worst moments of their lives, all taken by greedy photographers who were looking for easy money, and managed to cause serious, and sometimes irreparable harm. 

10. Justin Bieber –Not So Great

As if people needed another reason to dislike Justin Bieber. 

This photo shows the singer being carried up the Great Wall of China after his show in Beijing. 

The internet exploded with people mocking the singer and calling him out on his diva-ness.

9. Kristen Stewart – Dawn Of Twilight

Kristen Stewart was the sweetheart of Hollywood’s most famous yet too emotional vampire, Robert Pattinson. 

During the filming of Snow White And The Huntsman she was caught on camera smooching with director Rupert Sanders. 

Stewart and Pattinson soon broke up and their lives changed dramatically. 

8. Britney Spears – Toxic Situation

In 2007 Britney had a well documented breakdown, causing her to shave her head and be confined to rehab. 

This picture was taken between 2 rehab stints during a custody battle with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. 

A few days after her shaved head pictures surfaced, she attacked a paparazzi photographer’s car with an umbrella, but had no legal repercussions against her. 

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