Top 10 Most Powerful Presidents in The World

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Global power and leadership is mostly exercised from political and economic concentration, and a many leaders have proved their capability to establish themselves to power and position. Although being hard enough, we came up with the 10 most powerful Presidents of 2014.

10. Dilma Rousseff

Dilma Rousseff

Rousseff is determined to improve Brazilian economy with increase in investment expenditure, which in turn will encourage both domestic and international marketplace in the country.

9. Hassan Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani

Lawyer, Academic, cleric, diplomat, Iranian politician Hassan Rouhani is a recently elected as the President of the country. He has been the part of the politics since 1989.

8. Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma

Serving the country from 1977, Jacob had been elected as the president in the year 2009 by his party.

7. Bashar Al-Assad

Bashar Al-Assad

Despite of all the difficulties in the country Assad had been firm and strong at his position. He has fulfilled all the responsibilities of being a good leader to his country, like his late father.

6. Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz

Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz

Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz is the King of Saudi Arabia, and he is the 6th King of Saudi Arabia.

5. Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un

Son of Kim Jong il, Kim Jong Un is the Supreme leader of North Korea. He has taken many titles until now on which he had been working and primarily serving his country after his ancestors.

4. Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

Xi is the fifth continuous leader from the family and has not been given up on his responsibilities, thus has started campaigns against corruption, continued with the economic policies and is still working on "Chinese Dream." 

3. Angela Merkel 

Angela Merkel

Merkel may be the most successful national leader in the world today. She is, practically speaking, the leader of the European Union, which as a whole is the world's largest economy, and Merkel has held that position for almost nine years.

2. Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Obama have served the best he can for the country and have had passed foreign policies alike to that, ending U.S military involvements in Iraq War, signed New Start arms control treaty with Russia and ordered U.S military involvement in Libya.

1. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has now pipped Barack Obama to the title of the world's most powerful leader.

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