Top 10 Most Powerful Bankai in Bleach

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As we all know, Bleach got famous partly on the powerful bankai wielded by the Shinigami of each anime character.

Well, let’s talk about the bankais and how powerful they are if you ignore the skill of the guy fighting with.

In terms of raw force, which is the strongest bankai in Bleach?

10. Kokujō Tengen Myō’ō

Komamura’s Bankai uses its enormous size and power to copy its wielder’s movements, multiplying its effects hundredfold and allowing Komamura to inflict tremendous amounts of damage.

Impressively strong yet deceptively speedy, its Dangai Jōe technique grants this Bankai almost pure invincibility to any physical attack.

9. Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō

This Bankai's main ability is unleashing its poisonous breath which is lethal to anyone but Mayuri himself and Nemu.

Highly versatile, this Bankai’s true strength lies in the fact that Mayuri is able to constantly modify and adapt the poison according to his enemy’s skills.

8. Sōō Zabimaru

Having recently discovered his Bankai’s true name, Sōō Zabimaru is now much more compact and powerful than the long, trailing snake-like structure we were familiar with for most of Bleach.

With this new form, Renji can more readily control and take advantage of Zabimaru’s length; also not forgetting his new technique, Zaga Teppo which was strong enough to defeat Mask in one devastating hit.

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