Top 10 Most Powerful Anime Eyes Everyone Would Kill to Have

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If Superman can see through solid objects and melt things by simply staring at them, well anime eyes offer much more powerful than that.

The universe of anime is wide enough to showcase various characters that use the eyes to express their abilities. So, who has the most powerful anime eyes that everyone kills to have?

10. Emperor Eye - Kuroko no Basket

The Emperor Eye enables its user to see another persons body with extreme detail. Such as breathing, muscle movements, body tension, rhythm, etc. Allowing the user to predict future movements.

Akashi uses his eyes as a base to develop other skills such as ankle break, but also to strengthen his other moves such as passes and steals.

9. Alpha Stigma - The legend of Legendary Heroes

It is the magic anime eye which is able to analyse and understand all magic. It is also possible for the Alpha Stigma to analyse structures around the bearer.

The Alpha Stigma is usually activated by the death of a friend or family member, which causes the user to go on a rampage, seeking destruction and death for those around the user.

8. Millennium Eye - Yugioh

The Millennium Eye's primary ability is to peer into the mind of an opponent, which allows the owner to know what he is thinking at all times, no matter what.

He can also see their hidden memories and sense if there is a spirit inhabiting their minds.

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