Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos of 2014

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Hey, guys, Sara X Mills is back, and this time she is attempt to get you into the Christmas spirit!

That’s right, it’s the same girl who made her name for herself on the Internet by twerking her boobs to Mozart, which was viewed more than 33 million times so far.

However, Sara still can’t make herself on the top 10 list. Now see which videos ruled the Internet with YouTube's list of the top 10 viral videos of 2014 (as measured by "views, shares, comments, likes and more").

10."10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman"

Views: 37.5 million

This Hollaback! video of a woman walking in New York City sparked serious conversations about street harassment, and backlash when it was revealed that most white male harassers were cut from the final video.

9."Goku vs Superman" on "Epic Rap Battles of History" Season 3

Views: 40.9 million

Among the many popular Epic Rap Battles of 2014, this one starring the Man of Steel and your favorite Super Saiyan was the most watched.

8."Devil Baby Attack"

Views: 48.8 million

This elaborate prank terrified concerned passersby with its animatronic "devil baby" and remote controlled stroller.

7.Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial: "Puppy Love"

Views: 53.5 million

One of this year's Budweiser Super Bowl commercials starred a young pup torn from his best friend, only to be reunited.

6.Bars & Melody, Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer act on "Britain's Got Talent 2014"

Views: 56.8 million

Known hard-ass Simon Cowell pushed young musical duo Bars & Melody through to the semi-finals with a push of the Golden Buzzer, Britain's Got Talent's latest attempt to drum up buzz for the show.

5."iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test"

Views: 59.2 million views

Unbox Therapy's video of the iPhone 6 Plus seemingly bending under pressure started the ultimate first world non-problem: #Bendgate.

4.Sister Christina Scuccia on "The Voice of Italy"

Views: 66.1 million

Sister Christina Scuccia stunned the judges on The Voice of Italy when she sang her heart out to to Alicia Keys' "No One."

3."First Kiss"

Views: 94.1 million

Women's clothing brand Wren enticed the Internet with a flirtatious video in which 20 "strangers" (read: actors) were paired off and asked to kiss for the first time on camera. The sexy advert inspired plenty of parodies, none cuter than the puppy-themed "FIRST SNIFF."

2."Nike Football: Winner Stays"

Views: 98.8 million

Nike's short film starring the biggest soccer players of our time (including Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Ibrahimović and Iniesta) came out amid the rising World Cup hype.

1."Mutant Giant Spider Dog"

Views: 113.3 million views

This "spider dog" is actually just a cute little pup dressed in a spider costume. But try telling that to the poor victims of this terrifying prank.


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