Top 10 Most Popular Cosplayers In The World

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Generally speaking, female cosplayers tend to be overwhelmingly more popular than cosplaying men.

Is it their good looks, their costuming talents or their original concepts that make these cosplayers so popular? It's your decision.

Anyway, here are the top 10 most popular cosplaying girls in the world today.

10. Ginny McQueen

 Ginny McQueen

Known as G-Chan in the cosplaying world, Ginny McQueen has been appearing on the cosplay scene since 1998 when she attended Otakon.

McQueen's costume creations have been profiled in cosplay magazine Cosmode. She boasts almost 7,000 followers on Twitter and over 6,000 subscribers to her personal YouTube channel.

9. Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

 Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Before she became a professional model, this Blonde French-Canadian bombshell worked as a costume and fashion designer, so the transition to the world of cosplay was seamless.

Bourbonnais, with 15.5k Twitter followers, has been cosplaying since 2009, and she has appeared in numerous magazines such as FHM and PlayStation Official Magazine and Elle.

8. Spiral Cats

 Spiral Cats

One of South Korea’s biggest exports is K-Pop and Spiral Cats is one example of the way South Korea is surpassing the USA as the world’s biggest ‘pop’ factory.

The Spiral Cats are a sort of K-Pop style supergroup, but instead of dancing and singing they create captivating recreations of manga and anime characters. The group is a common site at conventions and gaming expos.

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