Top 10 Most Perfect Celebrity Thighs Around

28530 People Viewed - about 36 months ago

Who doesn't love a good thigh? 

They're near the top of the list of God's greatest inventions and they make us happy. 

Since there’s a new inspiring hashtag on Twitter to celebrate thighs -- every last inch of them, we decided to gather the Top 10 perfect thighs and share them for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

10. Gabrielle Union

When you are Dwyane Wade's wife, you have to keep in shape, and it looks like Gabrielle Union is more than keeping up.

9. Katy Perry

The Dark Horse Singer keeps her thighs looking fit.

8. Mya

Sure, Mya has been MIA, but the singer shows off her thick thighs all over Instagram.

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