Top 10 Most Likeable Villains of All Time

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There are anti-heroes who walk a fine line between good and evil.

Well, wipe the angelic smile off your face and get your best evil grin on. Here are 10 most likeable villains, whether it's by way of their actions or badass demeanor.

10. Agent Smith

Agent Smith is literally the incarnation of unfiltered evil. He unceasingly hunts down and eradicates any humans in the Matrix threatening to bring it down. He can wear the hell out of a suit and never leaves without his shades.

9. Jules Winnfield

The iconic character, famously played by Samuel L. Jackson, oozes charisma and a stoic demeanor to match his deadly skill-set. He's a cold and ruthless hit-man who will kill for a job, but he's just so likeable as he does it.

8. Venom

Venom is so well-liked by Spider-Man comic book series' fans that Marvel gave him his own ongoing series throughout the years.

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