Top 10 Most Expected Anime in Winter 2017

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Good harvest? Or crop failure? Just 3 days to go and we will enter 2017. So on that occasion we decided to make a recommendation list of anime series that are most expected in winter 2017.

10. elDLIVE

Chuuta Kokonose is an orphan who lives with his aunt. For as long as he can remember, he's had a voice in his head, but other than that he's a normal boy - right until the day when a strange-looking thing follows him home and teleports him to a place filled with more fantastic creatures.

It will be aired on Jan 8, 2017.


9. Scum's Wish

Seventeen-year-old Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka appear to be the ideal couple. However, outsiders don't know of the secret they share. Both Mugi and Hanabi have hopeless crushes on someone else, and they are only dating each other to soothe their loneliness. Will things stay like this for them forever?

It will be aired on Jan 13, 2017.

8. Rewrite: Moon and Terra

The second season of the Rewrite series. It will be aired on Jan 14, 2017.

7. Tales of Zestiria The X

The second season of Tales of Zestiria the X. It will be aired on Jan 8, 2017.

6. Demi-chan wa Kataritai

The story takes place in an age where "Ajin" (demi-human), more casually known as "Demi," have slowly started to become accepted into human society. Tetsuo Takahashi is a biology teacher who ends up teaching three such Demi, hoping to understand more about them while also managing to catch their attention.

It will be aired on Jan 8, 2017.

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