Top 10 Most Controversial Movies That Were Banned

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Sorry, guys, Sony has canceled the premiere of “The Interview” because the hackers are vowing a 9/11-style attack on moviegoers who attend the film. It looks like we would have no chance to see this controversial comedy.

But don’t worry, we’ve got another Top 10 controversial movies that were banned for good reason.

10.Life of Brian (Britian, 1979)

The parallels between the life of the eponymous hero Brian and the life of Christ, which are made explicit throughout the film, culminate in its notorious conclusion in which a crucified Brian whistles along to his fellow sufferers singing ‘Always Look On The Bright Side of Life’. The church and religious groups accused the film of blasphemy and attempted to get it banned.

9.Baise-moi (France, 2000)

A chance meeting two women, Nadine and Manu, who have both experienced violence, leads to them embarking on a road trip which revolves around sex and murder and results in them achieving national notoriety. Eventually Manu is recognised in a shop and shot by its owner, while Nadine is arrested by the police before she can carry out an attempt to kill herself.

With the lead roles taken by two former porn actresses, the film was criticised in France where outrage followed a decision to give it a 16 certificate. In Britain, the film was released with an 18 certificate after ten seconds of cuts. The Poster was banned by London Underground because of its potential to cause offence to French speakers.

8.Last House on the Left (USA, 1972)

Convicts kidnap two teenage friends who are forced to perform sexual acts on each other, raped, disembowelled and finally strangled. On shooting the rape scene actress Sandra Peabody was so traumatised that she reportedly left the set.

7.The Evil Dead (USA,1981)

The movie tells the story of five college students vacationing at an isolated cabin in the woods. The same premise of many other low budget horror movies, as well as plenty more sure to come. The simple vacations takes a horrifyingly gruesome turn when they release evil spirits from an old audiotape they discover.

The slasher film received good reviews and developed a cult following over the years. The movie was banned in Finland, Germany, Ireland and Iceland because of the graphic nature of the movie, including a scene of a young woman raped by a tree possessed by an evil spirit as well as plenty dismemberment and torture scenes.

6.9 Songs (UK,2004)

When a film is sold on its 'real sex' content -- and ends up only being entertaining for its live music -- one has to wonder what on earth was going on in director Michael Winterbottom's otherwise very talented head.

A couple meet in London, fall in love, have lusty, full-on sex sessions (remember: it's all real, apparently), have painfully dull conversations -- and go to rock concerts. The handheld footage from the gigs is a welcome light relief from the tedium -- and would sit nicely all on its own. As for the real sex -- simply try it out at home, folks.

5.The Exorcist (USA, 1973)

A young girl is possessed by demons in this horror was branded “religious porn” and “the scariest film ever made” by critics. Controversy over the story line intensified into accusations that the editors used subliminal imagery to tap into the unconscious mind.

After the implementation of the Video Recording Act 1984 the film was refused a release and no video copies were to be sold in the UK.

4.I spit on your grave/ Day of the Woman (USA, 1978)

The film depicts the graphic rape of an unfortunate swimmer, who resolves to take revenge on her victims. This leads to her hanging, castrating, axing and disembowelling the assailants who perpetrated the original crime.

The film was censored before its US release and banned entirely in many European countries, including Ireland and West Germany. Critic Roger Ebert described it as “a vile bag of garbage”.

3.The Human Centipede 2 (USA,2011)

The Human Centipede 2 does the impossible and yet again pushed the boundaries of horror films. On its release in the U.S. in 2011 the censorship board refused to give it a rating, and it met with a lot of backlash. Both the UK and Australia banned the film outright.

The film shows the strangers being surgically operated on by a cloaked madman who sews then together from end to end, or butt to mouth. The movie is hard to watch for those who even enjoy the genre and the victims in the movie are shown in a way where the audience isn’t meant to sympathize with them and they are simply being tortured for the amusement of the madman and the viewers.

2.A Clockwork Orange (UK, 1971)

Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of the novel by Anthony Burgess featured three long drawn out rape scenes and among scenes of graphic violence. Kubrick responded to the intense media pressure on the feature - and death threats to his family - by imposing a ban on the film, which lasted until his death.

1.Salo /The 120 days of Sodom (Italy, 1975)

A small group of children are kidnapped in Fascist Italy and used as tools for Nazi’s pleasure including anal rape, suicide, tongue extraction, scalping, eye gouging, genital mutilation, incest, murder, and coprophagia.

The film was banned in Australia until 1993, and then re-banned again in 1998. Filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini had little time to respond to the film’s controversy because he was brutally murdered soon after its release.

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