Top 10 Most Controversial Female Characters in Video Game History

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Female sexualization in video games has improved over time, but it still remains an issue. 

Too often are women portrayed with skimpy outfits and lowered to objects for male gamers to gawk at. 

While there’s nothing wrong with having sexualized female characters in games as long as it fits, there is simply too much of it out there. 

Here are 10 of the most controversial characters depicted in these games.

10. ‘Arcana Heart’ Characters

Japanese culture can be a little weird. This all-female fighting game received lots of criticism for its erotic fan art with women that look underage. 

In the game, the excuse is made that they’re actually thousands of years old but have kept a younger figure.


9. Poison

This character was introduced in Final Fight, the last villain that you had to punch to death to win. 

Figuring battering women wouldn’t go down well in America, the character was portrayed as a male and it was considered gaming’s first transgender character.

8. ‘Ar Tonelico’ Reyvateils

The Japanese RPG featured multiple forms of girls that looked extremely young in revealing outfits and could be upgraded to older women with massive breasts. 

When in battle, players would have to waggle their controller so the females could strip and become more powerful.

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