Top 10 Most Controversial Fat Shaming Ads Of All Time

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Plus-sized women are forced to endure a myriad of bizarre injustices when it comes to clothing advertisements, but this definitely takes it to a whole new level.

Yes, there’s a new awful fat shaming advertisement out there.

Actually fat-shaming in the advertising industry is an age-old tactic. And here are the Top 10 most controversial fat shaming ads from past and present campaigns.  

10. Pepsi Skinny Can

Pepsi's Skinny Can advertisement was released during Fashion Week in 2011, to the dismay of basically everyone.

It introduced the new diet Pepsi can as "taller and sassier" than the traditional one, reminding everyone that "skinnier is better," right? WRONG.

9. Oatmeals NY 

The last thing we want while walking down the street is to be shamed for our breakfast choices. 

That's why writer Chloe Angyal was disappointed to see a sign from Oatmeals NY doing just that.

However, after Angyal tweeted the company, telling them that the sign was "fatshamey and gross" and asking if they wanted to be associated with disordered eating, Oatmeals NY responded with an apology. 

8. Fitness First

As if overcrowded public transportation was not irritating enough, the health club chain Fitness First has converted a bus stop bench into a scale that will display the weight of people sitting on it. 

This guerilla marketing campaign created by N=5 was seen in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. 

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