Top 10 Most Beloved Wizards in Pop Culture

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From "Lord of the Rings" to "Star Wars," the idea of magic has captivated our imagination. As Harry Potter fans get ready to the Hogwarts-Like wizardry school, we examines the most beloved wizards in pop culture.

10. Nicolas Flamel

Nicolas Flamel

For Harry Potter fans, the name Nicolas Flamel may sound familiar. J.K. Rowling wove the medieval alchemist into the first book in her series. In 1382, Flamel wrote in his diary that he had found the secret to transform lead into gold. That feat may seem unlikely, but historical records show that Flamel became very wealthy after this date and donated almost all of his money to charity. 

9. Mr. Wizard

Mr. Wizard 

Kids today might not know who Mr. Wizard is, but children of the '50s, '60s and even the '80s probably do. As host of NBC's live science show Watch Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert captivated millions of baby boomers by using household items to explain concepts of science.

8. The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz 

The Wizard of Oz - based on L. Frank Baum's 1900 children's book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - is reportedly the most-watched film in history. So this Wizard gets points, at the very least, for market penetration. 

7. Tim the Enchanter

Tim the Enchanter 

The ram-horned, bearded wizard is capable of creating fire without flint or tinder.

6. Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison 

Thomas Edison didn't technically have supernatural powers, but he didn't earn the nickname "the Wizard of Menlo Park" for nothing. Some historians would later say Menlo Park, the world's first industrial-research facility, itself was Edison's greatest invention.

5. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse 

In the original 1797 poem, the sorcerer’s apprentice gets himself in trouble by using magic he can’t control to do his chores. Walt Disney entered it into the pop canon with one of the shorts in Fantasia.

4. Merlin


No discussion of wizards is complete without Merlin, first put to paper around 1136. His prophetic knowledge and ability to shapeshift made him a valuable asset to Arthur, and he’s been reinterpreted more times than can possibly be listed here.

3. Yoda


Magic doesn’t always mean parlor tricks. He levitated objects with his mind, sensed the presence of other Jedi and was able to shield himself from the lightening of Darth Sidious with his fingertips.

2. Albus Dumbledore

Picking our favorite Harry Potter wizard was a tough one, but you'll know the reason why we choose this old man after checking out the video above. We will always remenber that magical beard.

1. Gandalf


One of the most powerful wizards in all of Middle Earth, Gandalf The Gray still made time to entertain a few humble hobbits with magical fireworks. Everyone who had watched "Lord of the Rings" was impressed by his lines in the movie, "You Shall Not Pass!"

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