Top 10 Most Badass Gaming Weapons of All Time

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Every gamer has his favorite video game weapon.

A lot of the time, it's weapons that really help define a game and make it what it is. Here are 10 weapons that are certifiably the most badass in the history of video games.

10. Hammer of Dawn - Gears of War

With its ability to take down hordes of Locusts, huge monsters, and anything in its path, the Hammer of Dawn might be one of the most powerful weapons in any game ever.

9. Baseball Bat - GTA

I just felt like such a boss beating someone down with a bat, and I guess because I’m the furthest from a thug in real life it was cool for the role-playing.

8. Lancer - Gears of War

An assault rifle with a chainsaw on the end? Sounds genius, and that it was.

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