Top 10 Most Attractive College Volleyball Players

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When women play the volleyball it becomes even more interesting to watch.

Female volleyball players in college are something else. They're young, talented and inexperienced. Their lack of media exposure make them, in the eyes of many, a lot more attractive.

10. Taylor Wheatley (University of Southern California)

With her experience in high school and her height, Taylor Wheatley is bound to become an important part of the offense of the Women of Troy in a few years.

9. Allison Leigh (Quinnipiac University)

After a storied high school career, Allison Leigh continues to excel at the collegiate level and has proven herself as a legitimate star even as a freshman.

8. Aly Duffin (Boise State)

Redshirted in 2014 while recovering from injury, we're hoping that she recovers soon for the 2015 season. We're looking forward to seeing her compete in both indoor and sand volleyball.

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