Top 10 McDonald's Toys That Are Worth Serious Money Now

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7. Super Mario

Released in the 1990’s, the set is based on the very popular video game series. There are six toys that are variations of Mario with the other two being Peach and Yoshi.

Those who have managed to get the whole set have sold them for $100 online.

6. 101 Dalmations

When the new 101 Dalmations movie was released in 1996, there was also a toy line from McDonald's. These days, the entire set can earn collectors anywhere between $100 and $200.

5. Food Transformers

The transformers have always been a popular toy concept. McDonald's took that concept and went another direction with it, making "food transformers." Those who have sold the entire set are making around $117 online.

4. Madame Alexander Dolls

In 2003, these dolls were released alongside Happy Meals and were incredibly popular. The entire set of these miniatures sells for about $130 on eBay.

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